About Us

CS Seafood Supply Trading is one of the major seafood importer and exporter in Malaysia. Our company focus on the import and export of mud crabs within Asia Pacific Region. We specialized in fresh live mud crabs supply and we constantly develop new products and techniques to diversify our products ensuring our products is fresh when it arrives at the hands of our customers.

Our business objective is to provide quality service and product in order to maintain good reputation and to serve our customers better. We hope that based on our products and services, we can play a part of contribution in the food supply chain ensuring the taste of fresh seafood is deliver to end consumers.

As a license exporter, we export and deliver our products to China Mainland, Hong Kong and Singapore. We had set of strict policy and procedures for our export products and process. This is where we quarantine and inspect our products before it is exported to ensure the quality of goods before it is deliver to our partner and customers.

Moreover, with the rich supply of resources, we took our opportunity to supply our goods to malls, grocer shops, e-commerce retails, retails shop, wet market, restaurants and more within the domestic market as in the whole of Malaysia.

We value our customers by providing them the best quality of our services and products. Our team work and improve on techniques and skills to keep our products fresh. Where we developed our own crab apartment, where our mud crabs are keep and quarantine to grow better in size and quality.

CS Seafood your mud crab distributor, expert and partner in Asia.

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